Learning Press Handstand As A Beginner

June 27


Mind-Blowing Learning Press Handstand as A Beginner 3 Reasons WHY

By Yasuko

June 27, 2022

Press Handstand, Handstand Coach

Hi Everyone!
In this article, I would like to talk about " LeARNing PRESS HANDSTAND as a beginner. I decided to talk about it because maybe many of you think you should have learned basic handstands before getting started with a press handstand. From my own experience, you can save time to achieve your goal instead by doing the common approach.

What is Press Handstand?
Basics: Pike, Straddle, and Tuck Press

to Handstand

Pike Press Handstand

Pike Press

Straddle Press Handstand

Straddle Press

Tuck Press

Tuck Press

Below is the common understanding about "Press Handstands"what one of the big handstand program providers says (I don’t say who exactly….).

Level  Intermediated

Duration  12-18 months

Prerequisites  30s freestanding handstand, good control over leg movement (shape changing), entering handstand via tuck or straddle

I will cut the crap! Learn straightforward Press Handstand as a beginner. Don’t do the same as the others do.

Most of you are searching for one of two things…

1. How to learn press handstands?

2. Which practice/method/approach/program is best for me?

My answer to the above questions is, that you never know before you have done it. There is no perfect answer now for you. You know that, right? Just do it while you are asking those questions to yourself and wasting time on google for research.

Picasso quote

Mind-Blowing Approach: Learning Press Handstand as A Handstand Beginner

The reasons WHY:

  • Starting from Wall Handstand, then Kicking-up with/without a wall, free-standing kicking-up with fear of falling over, many many many kicking-up failure and training, etc….The list is too big before you will reach the point, doing press handstand.
  • Through press handstand-specific targeted drills and focus, you will strengthen your entire body for the necessary ability to press to handstands. There is no extra effort to prepare your body for a press handstand.
  • Moving slowly and struggling to lift yourself to build up many aspects of sense for a free-standing handstand in the shortest way.

Stop kicking-up

  • Kicking-up entry into handstands is very inefficient. You are practicing kicking up, not the handstand. It’s waste of time and energy.
  • Kicking up has potential risk and fear-causing methods to learn, therefore you can barely practice without a wall. That is not efficient and takes a longer time to learn the balance point.
I can endlessly point out why you shouldn’t learn handstands from kicking up. In my opinion, also a lot of strengthening workouts is unnecessary. I am here today to make my point crystal clear why a press handstand is the shortest way for learning a free-standing handstand in this article.  Let’s dive into it!!

Why do I suggest you start with “press handstand” as a handstand beginner?

I decided to practice handstands at the age of 49. As a beginner I started to research how to do a press handstand, without knowing that the press handstand is the hardest and most challenging entry of all handstands kind, I started to practice “the press ” and only 10-15 minutes per day, ok not 100% everyday, but I made it after 3 months. I did only press-related drills at the beginning. I didn’t do any other workouts such as core strengthening, weight exercises, or any kind, because I didn’t want. I was only going on my hands, press, forward-bend, and just press works. That’s my first step in handstand training. I was frustrated of course, but I kept practicing the press. I somehow knew as soon as I can press my body without momentum kick-up, going upside-down will be not so difficult to achieve. So I just did the same drills again and again until I could figure it out. As Picasso said above in his quote, do it again and again until you get it. He is right! That's what I did. I didn't work out for core, arm, and shoulder strength, I just practiced the press. Through learning press, I could gain the necessary strength for a handstand. It's that simple. I have press drills in my other blog article. Click here for my press drills if you are interested.

To achieve your goal, you can try just like I did. Make everything super simple. If you will learn to press handstand, you need to go upside-down as much as you need. Use your weight, use gravity to train your necessary body parts to build up the strengths you need to press handstand.


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My name is Yasuko and I'm passionate about handstands, yoga movement and flexibility.  I immersed myself in research a lot to inspire myself & experiment for physical development. This has led to the person I am today.

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