Unlock the Power of Press Handstands Transform Your Body and Mind

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Imagine holding a perfect press handstand - your body strong, stable, and floating effortlessly. It’s not just a dream; it’s a goal you can achieve with our Press Handstand Program. Designed for those who aspire to elevate their physical capabilities, this program is your gateway to mastering one of the most impressive skills in bodyweight fitness.

A press handstand is more than a party trick; it’s a testament to your strength, control, and dedication.

Builds Incredible Core Engagement Skills

Every muscle in your body engages, sculpting your physique from your shoulders down to your toes.

Enhances Flexibility and Balance

Develop the agility of a gymnast with exercises that stretch and strengthen.

Boosts Mental Focus and Determination

Learn the value of patience and persistence in achieving personal excellence.


Real Results from Real People

Our program has transformed beginners into handstand heroes. From increased muscle tone and strength to the sheer joy of finally nailing that press up into a handstand, the success stories are endless. And you could be next!

"... I never was able to lift my feet from the ground and with these exercises I finally understood how it works. It's really beginner friendly."

Daniel M.

"...The exit strategies are so great and take away all my fear of falling over. I am really bad at balancing, but already after the first week, I am improving a lot."

Lisa C.

What's Inside the Program?

Inside the program, you'll find 6-12 months of programmed step-by-step video guides, specific exercises, a guidebook and expert tips to master the Free-Standing Press Handstand.

Foundations of the Press Handstand

Dive into the basics of body alignment, balance, and the core principles that make up the press handstand. Learn how to prepare your body and mind for this challenging but rewarding skill.

Strength and Flexibility Training

Focus on building the specific muscle groups and flexibility needed for the press handstand. The program includes targeted exercises for your arms, shoulders, core, and legs, along with stretching routines to improve your overall flexibility.

Technique and Progressions

Discover the step-by-step progressions that lead to a successful free-standing press handstand. Each lesson breaks down the movements into manageable parts, helping you understand the mechanics and techniques required to lift off.

Practice and Perseverance

Learn how to structure your practice sessions for maximum efficiency and gain tips on overcoming common obstacles. The program emphasizes the importance of consistent practice, patience, and how to adjust your approach based on your progress.


  • Training Routines in 3 Levels for 6-24 weeks - Step-by-step lecture in depth with full guidance (warm-up + cool-down included each session)
  • Preparation Training Routines For Press Handstand Conditioning - 6 different flows for relevant ability for press handstand skills
  • Bonus Handstand Hiit Training - Improving YOUR endurance and strengths for handstand skills
  • Core Engagement Breathing Technique Practice - To boost your energy flow for press work and a deeper access for strengths for physical performance (The ultimate energy boost secret!)
  • Press Work routine for inflexible hamstrings - We are taking a closer look at how to press into a handstand for those who have inflexible hamstrings
  • The Handstand Guide Book - All About Press Handstand in theory for beginners and next Level in PDF

Hi, there! I'm Yasuko

I'm Yasuko, a Press Handstand Coach dedicated to helping you achieve the body confidence and skills you've always wanted, like handstands, arm balances, and more. My goal is to guide you to happiness through mastering handstands.

Starting with just 5 minutes of practice after my yoga sessions, I gradually increased to 15 minutes daily. Surprisingly, I achieved an L-shape handstand in just a few months, proving the power of consistent practice. Progressing from there to a full handstand, I then worked on various forms and improving my arm endurance for longer holds. I've learned that the right daily practice, especially without using a wall, is crucial for quick progress and building real balance and strength.

My approach focuses on efficient drills for fast results, helping you achieve your goals with less time and effort. I'm excited to share my journey and insights to fast-track your success in handstands. Let's achieve your dreams together!

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Stag Handstand

Press Handstand Beginner Course

Follow along detailed instruction videos progressing over 4 levels

The full Press Handstand Instruction Book included

Bonus Handstand HIIT Routine included

Lifetime online access including future updates and enhancements

How to do the press handstand

Preparation Phase - Make Your Body Ready for Press Handstand

Flexibility & Mobility
For Handstand Skills

Level 1 - Safe Exit – Overcome your fear by learning to exit safely

Level 2 - Improve your flexibility and range of motion for Handstand

Level 3 - Balance + Learn the proper way to catch, hold and re-balancing

Handstand Hiit – Get better at holding    

Breathing Technique For Deeper level of Core Engagement 

Target Drills For Specific Strength