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My Press Handstand Beginners Course is designed to take you from absolutely no handstand experience to a comfortable press handstand and mastering the basic variations such as straddle, tuck and pike press handstands. The goal of this program is to give you a solid foundation and understanding of the basic handstand shapes. As soon as you complete the beginner's course, you can start to build up your own style and skills. It is a worthy ticket for YOUR LIMITLESS SKILL on your long-run handstand journey. You will progress through the course at your own pace, simple and well guided. This program is not only to go upside-down on your arms. It is The Ultimate Method for the free-standing Press Handstand in the shortest time for the handstand beginners. Anytime-anywhere-Routines for maximum outcome.

Let's Learn Smart &

See Your Success!

My program will teach you hand balancing using a technique that is expansive – it leads to a structure that is efficient and elegant and can be used to develop towards the higher level skills into different handstand shapes and transition. 

I will give you the first step for freedom to create your own style for Handstands.

Hi, there I'm Yasuko
Learn the press handstand

My name is Yasuko and I'm passionate about handstands, yoga movement and flexibility.  I immersed myself in research a lot to inspire myself & experiment for physical development. This has led to the person I am today. My Handstand journey started in 2019 at age 49. If I can do the Press Handstand, everyone can do it - Let me share how I did it. This press handstand beginners program will help you reach your goal in the shortest way just like I did.

I started practicing handstand after my daily yoga practice when I was always quite tired. It was difficult to add a lot of handstand practice routines everyday. I only could practice handstand maybe 5 minutes at the beginning and over time increasing up to 15 minutes a day. Even by doing only a short daily handstand practice, I was able to press up to L-shape handstand after a couple of months already. I thought WOW! Practicing everyday is powerful. Once I could press to L-shape on my hands, the way to full handstand was easier to figure out. The press is the hardest work of the whole motion, in my opinion. I was so happy to be able to press to the full handstand. Very soon after I could press up, I started to try different shapes of handstands and entries. Then my problem was holding on my arms as long as I need for different shapes. I need to stay as long as I reach the shape. So I started to build up my endurance both for holds and correct alignment. I believe the key to success and quick results for the press handstand is choosing the right daily drills without a wall. Using a wall is only beneficial to build up endurance and strength for higher levels. I never had a good feeling about using a wall to practice as I realized that I too much rely on the wall and cannot find the balance sweet spot. I really wanted quick success for my handstand skill. Therefore I decided to select only efficient and effective drills instead of doing numerous different drills. I strongly focus on fast results. The great news for YOU is that my program is created with only targeted and very effective drills, simple to follow for quick results. Over time your body understands all necessary movement patterns automatically.  You will see quick success. Here I am for you to share all my experience of my handstand journey.

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Why is this Program

a Huge Benefit

for you?

Most of you think that you need to exercise a lot, build up your body strong through workouts, spend hours to prepare for the Handstand. In fact, you only need to practice 20-30 min per day in a smart way. You don't have to be an athlete with years of training.

Main focus of my program: 

  • Specific Strength – Focus on training the strength you need
  • Flexibility & Mobility – Improve your flexibility and range of motion for Handstand
  • Alignment – Focus on placement of hands, wrists, elbows and shoulder blades
  • Safe Exit – Overcome your fear by learning to exit safely without a wall or assistance
  • Balance – Learn the proper way to catch, hold and re-balancing
  • Consistency – Get better at holding consistently
  • Shape – Practice doing different shapes
  • Breathing Technique - Learn the correct breathing principles
Press to handstand how to

Why does it work?

Each day and each week you will focus on an important element for Press Handstand. You will practice approx. 20 - 30 minutes everyday (except 1 day for rest) with guided follow-along videos. Each drill is focused on slow movements in a gentle motion to learn to know your exact position & to feel the body and sweet spot for the balance. You will automatically build the strength, mobility and basics for the press Handstand in the shortest time.

press to handstand drills

Everyday Practice 

The key for quick results

You can get stronger and build your balance at the same time through my Handstand Routines. My Handstand journey started at age 49. It's a proven program containing carefully selected and simple sequences of practice. It is the most effective and least time-consuming approach to maximize your physical connection to the press Handstand by installing smart movement patterns.  

press handstand progression

Don't practice too much

My program is from Monday to Saturday. Sundays you are welcome to rest for recovering your body. It is important to give your body proper rest to restore your performance level. Maybe you try harder and harder, pushing yourself because you are wondering if you're making more progress, right?  You only need to practice on a daily basis just like brushing your teeth. That’s how I learned Press Handstand.

It is much more important how well you try than how many times you try, because putting your body weight on your arms requires a lot of energy and you can try ONLY limited times. So, therefore stay focused on the mechanics of the press Handstand for the shortest way and for maximum outcome.

how to handstand press

What Do You Need for my Handstand Course?

  • All you need is a yoga mat for a clean surface.  In addition 2 yoga blocks are very helpful.
  • Your passion for daily practice for quick results/outcome. Like anything we do, Handstand requires discipline & practice. Come back again & again till you have it.
  • Good rest
  • Save Your Research Effort

    I started to practice the Handstand at age 49. And imagine, that my very first successful Handstand was actually press Handstand without knowing that the press up is the most challenging entry of all handstand entries. If a 49 years old woman can learn the Press Handstand, you definitely can learn it too, right? You don't have to go through years of learning, researching or wasting time to endlessly figure things out.  I did the hard work for you already! 

    In my Handstand routines I selected the most beneficial and meaning full drills reflecting the “Aha” moments of my own Handstand journey. Focusing on correct alignment is essential to practice Handstand.  Figuring out all necessary missing pieces for the Handstand is a time-consuming effort if you try on your own. With this Handstand Program you will be able to do the free-standing press Handstand much faster than with any other approach. I am here to help you to learn the Press Handstand effectively and efficiently. 

    Learn the press handstand
    This is how the Press Handstand Beginners program looks on a laptop (you can also use it on your tablet, smartphone or TV)
    Easy method to learn handstand
    30-day money back Guarantee.
    Try it out completely risk-free.
    I will return your money if you do not like the program.
    No questions asked.


    How long do I have access to the courses?

    The program is one time payment with lifetime access to all the materials with any future updates, it’s all yours. It will be handy to go back if you ever want to tighten up your basics, even if you’ve already progressed on to the next level.

    Do I need a training partner or any equipment to do the beginner’s course?

    The way the beginner’s course is designed doesn’t require any assistance or partner so that everything can be done independently.
    You will need a yoga mat, a chair (for a couple of drills) and 2 yoga blocks. If you don't have yoga blocks, a few thick books or something similar will also work.

    How is the online course program delivered?

    Immediately after you sign up you will find an email with all the instructions to log into your members area. The program will be delivered out each week. You will have an immediate access to the 1. Level of routines and the Handstand Guidebook. The 2. Level of routines are following when a week goes around as same as for the 3. Level. Don’t worry that the 2. and the 3. Level will not appear on your member’s area for a moment. The program is designed at the best in a sequence for your progression in a healthy way. 

    I am neither strong nor flexible. Can I learn the Press Handstand?

    YES. You can start the program even if you are not strong or flexible. My program provides drills for both strength and flexibility to build and maximise your handstand potential. You will slowly develop the strength and flexibility which are required for the press handstand. 

    For who is this Press Handstand program?

    • For those who think they will never be able to do a handstand
    • For those who do yoga
    • For those who have practiced handstand on the wall and never really got the feeling for the right balance
    • For those who know that they want to do a handstand but also feel that they are in need of some serious guidance and/or a miracle
    • For those who do yoga

    I am afraid to do handstand without wall. Can I still learn the Press Handstand?

    Absolutely, YES. I made this beginner’s course especially for those who have fears without a wall. You are a perfect match for my program. In my opinion most beginners move too fast to go upside-down. My training sequences are programmed to overcome fear by learning how to safely exit early enough to absolutely prevent you from falling over and to keep you safe. 

    Is the entire program online? What if I have any question?

    The program is online, but you also receive the detailed guidebook which you can print and put besides your mat to read. You also can contact me anytime for questions. You will be able to access a user-friendly member's area with the program from your desktop computer, laptop, smartphone and tablet of all kinds. When you get stuck with your progress, the press handstand guidebook is a great resource to put all the pieces together easier in your head . If you still have difficulties or any questions, you can contact me anytime. In each lesson you find a one click email contact button at the bottom of the member’s area. 

    How long does it take until I can do the free-standing Press Handstand?

    If you keep doing the program every day and you follow all instructions, 3 to 6 months is a realistic timeframe to successfully perform the press handstand. It depends a bit on your existing strengths and weaknesses. My program runs for 6 days per week. Short training routines with maximum outcome. One rest day every week that you can continuously keep practicing without any overwork or injury. The beginner’s course is completed when you have achieved a comfortable pike press handstand. 

    If you have never exercised in your life...

    There are a couple of factors to take into consideration.
    First, you will want to start slowly.
    It is better to start with much easier exercises and higher repetitions. My program is higher intensity exercises which can provide quick strength and muscle gain. 

    I am currently designing Pre-Handstand Exercise Program for those who have never exercised in their life to achieve their handstand goal as fast as possible. Please subscribe my FREE PDF to get further updates about the upcoming program. 



    Stag Handstand

    Press Handstand Beginner's Course

    Follow along detailed instruction videos progressing over 4 levels

    The full Press Handstand Instruction Book included

    Bonus Handstand HIIT Routine included

    Lifetime online access including future updates and enhancements

    How to do the press handstand

    How Does The Program Work?

    Upon logging in, you get immediate access to all videos of all 4 levels, the Bonus Workout Video for Endurance for Handstand skill - Handstand HIIT Routine and the Handstand Guide Book in PDF that shows up on your Dashboard, so you know exactly where you’re at in your program.

    A very simple everyday approx. 20-30 minute routine from Monday to Saturday. Follow-along weekly program with step by step instructions and a strong focus on essentials. Carefully selected structure of sequences from warm-up to cool down, so that you can just add it in your daily life anytime anywhere. 

    Once you purchase and create your member login, you will have access to the program for your lifetime. In each follow along video routine, you can do the well guided drills. To get fast results, simply follow the routine and practice everyday.

    After you complete each routine, you simply click the “mark as complete” button and you’ll be prompted to the next routine. You can also repeatedly practice every routine, just choose and click the routine you want on your dashboard on the left side in your screen. It’s that easy.

    The program is divided in 3 levels. You can do/repeat each level at your own pace, doing more sessions or repeatedly over weeks. 

    Preparation Phase - Make Your Body Ready for 1. Level

    Daily different wourkout routines from Monday to Saturday

    1. Level  - Focus on Strength in Core & Shoulders

    Monday & Tuesday Routine

    Wednesday & Thursday Routine

    Friday & Saturday Routine

    2. Level - Focus on Alignment & Learning Lift

    Monday & Tuesday Routine

    Wednesday & Thursday Routine

    Friday & Saturday Routine

    3. Level - Focus on Going-Upside-Down & Hand-Balancing

    Daily different routines from Monday to Saturday

    Optional Workout Video for Endurance for Handstand skill

    Handstand HIIT Routine

    Step 1

    check your email inbox

    Go to the inbox of the email address you just used to sign up.

    Step 2

    open the confirmation email

    Find the email sent by us. It has the subject line "Here is your access to your Press Handstand Beginner’s Course" .

    Step 3

    click the confirmation link

    Set your password and confirm. That's it! You now have immediate access to your course.



    Stag Handstand

    Press Handstand Beginner's Course

    Follow along detailed instruction videos progressing over 4 levels

    The full Press Handstand Instruction Book included

    Bonus Handstand HIIT Routine included

    Lifetime online access including future updates and enhancements

    How to do the press handstand

    Would you like to start learning the Press Handstand?

    It’s absolutely key for your success what alignments you choose and 

    what muscle engagements you choose to activate.

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