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now you can stop trying every handstand youtube video and prevent the risk of injury

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Learn the press handstand
Learn the press handstand

I started to practice the Handstand at age 49. And imagine, that my very first successful Handstand was actually press Handstand without knowing that the press up is the most challenging entry of all handstand entries. If a 49 years old woman can learn the Press Handstand, you definitely can learn it too, right? You don't have to go through years of learning, researching or wasting time to endlessly figure things out.  I did the hard work for you already! 

Based on my experience, I designed a Press Handstand Program designed to take you from absolutely no handstand experience to a comfortable press handstand and mastering the basic variations such as straddle, tuck, and pike press handstands. It is The Ultimate Method for the free-standing Press Handstand in the shortest time for handstand beginners.

Press Handstand Beginners Course


Stag Handstand
  • Follow Along Videos on 4 Different Levels
  • Full Press Handstand PDF Guide Book Included
  • Bonus Handstand HIIT Routine Included
  • Lifetime Online Access Including Future Updates & Enhancements
How to do the press handstand

How Does The Program Work?

Upon logging in, you get immediate access to all videos of all 4 levels, the Bonus Workout Video for Endurance for Handstand skill - Handstand HIIT Routine and the Handstand Guide Book in PDF that shows up on your Dashboard, so you know exactly where you’re at in your program.

A very simple everyday approx. 20-30 minute routine from Monday to Saturday. Follow-along weekly program with step by step instructions and a strong focus on essentials. Carefully selected structure of sequences from warm-up to cool down, so that you can just add it in your daily life anytime anywhere. 

Once you purchase and create your member login, you will have access to the program for your lifetime. In each follow along video routine, you can do the well guided drills. To get fast results, simply follow the routine and practice everyday.

After you complete each routine, you simply click the “mark as complete” button and you’ll be prompted to the next routine. You can also repeatedly practice every routine, just choose and click the routine you want on your dashboard on the left side in your screen. It’s that easy.

The program is divided in 3 levels. You can do/repeat each level at your own pace, doing more sessions or repeatedly over weeks. 

Preparation Phase - Make Your Body Ready for 1. Level

Daily different wourkout routines from Monday to Saturday

1. Level  - Focus on Strength in Core & Shoulders

Monday & Tuesday Routine

Wednesday & Thursday Routine

Friday & Saturday Routine

2. Level - Focus on Alignment & Learning Lift

Monday & Tuesday Routine

Wednesday & Thursday Routine

Friday & Saturday Routine

3. Level - Focus on Going-Upside-Down & Hand-Balancing

Daily different routines from Monday to Saturday

Optional Workout Video for Endurance for Handstand skill

Handstand HIIT Routine

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